Sunday, July 9, 2017

Florida Bound

Last sunset in Florida - Payne's Prairie Wildlife area
It seems an odd time to blog about being Florida bound just as I am about to leave. When I start back to work on 3/9/17, it will have been 2 months that I've been traveling.  It has been a wonderful, delightful, fantastic journey full of new sights, sounds, memories, laughter and friends.  I've shed a few tears, lost some time just sitting watch water, sun, waves.  My car has more miles on it and is full of sand.  These are the benchmarks of living, in my humble opinion.

What have I learned from this journey is that life can be a wonderful adventure full of discovery.  My goal when I was planning it was that it was to be a time to remember the past, think about the future and experience the moment ...for that is all we truly have.

Kayaking with Beverly & Kathy - Fort DeSoto, FL
It was to be an experiment in mindfulness and learning to listen to my intuition.  What does Vera want, what does she find moving and inspirational, what motivates Vera to strive towards the light in each become a better human?  That may sound self-centered but I've spent most of my life doing things because it was what I thought I needed to do or was expected.  Also, my career was all about encouraging others to help themselves.  I muddled along never really thinking about "what do I want out of this life?".

Mass water attack - Trail Days 2017
So, in the next days or weeks, lets see what comes out...not writing for a couple of years has caused the creative pipes to fill with's time to flush the lines and get the thoughts and words flowing again.  Thanks to those who are still here waiting for more. I can't guarantee that it will be anything but honest ....something was left behind after Jim died, that part of me which was us is gone now and I have to figure out who I am now....I am going to strive to at write again and keep on doing what I feel will fulfill my mission.  What is my mission, you ask? Well, Fly free and finish what I came here to do...

First stop in Florida getting ready for the good times to roll - Torreya State Park
Much light and love to all...please be gentle with yourselves and LISTEN to what you have to say. to yourself.  Pick up a few good friends along the way and love unconditionally.  I've found that it is a much more interesting life if one does that....

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